Letsencrypt-auto always create a new folder for cert renewal

guys, this command, produces always a new folder for certs, why?

/opt/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto certonly --webroot --webroot-path=/home/acme/www/ --renew-by-default -d acme.org -d www.acme.org -d mail.acme.org -d mc.acme.org -d alc.acme.org -d mr.acme.org -d wap.acme.org;

every time I launch the script to renew my certs, it creates a new folder like this

it is pretty hard to use those certs if the folder always change.
isn’t it possible to renew certs always in the same folder like



This is not a renewal.
The correct renew command is letsencrypt-auto renew.

Thank you

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Hi @sblantipodi,

This probably means that the destination of some of the symlinks inside /etc/letsencrypt/live has been changed. Could you check with a command like sudo ls -lR /etc/letsencrypt/live?

The other command does produce a forced renewal and might be useful in some narrow circumstances. While I agree that renew is preferable the majority of the time, I don’t think the use of this command explains the behavior that @sblantipodi is reporting; it’s quite possible that renew will do the same thing.

Now it says that I issued too many certs so I can’t retry.
How many days should I wait after getting the “too many certs” errors?

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One week. Hopefully you can install/use one of the certificates you just created… providing you get your other problems cleared up.

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