Letsencrpt SSL certificate need to configure different subdomains but the same server IP address

HI Team,

I have doubt to configure the Letsencrypt SSL for 2 different subdomains on the same server , 2 virtual host configured and created subdomains and pointed on DNS zone but I have different subdomains in the same IP address . Is it possible to install letsencrypt in the server and can configure for two different subdomains in the same server.

kindly send me the instruction how to configure with above conditions.


Hi @suresh28071986

yes, that's possible.

Create a working port 80 vHost per subdomain.

Then select a client

and start that client - once per subdomain.

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HI JuergenAuer,

My one of the subdomain has, and another subdomain same IP address with different port number: example: tech.google.com:80, and dev.google.com:81 how to configure the Letsencrypt for bot subdomain. I need steps to configure in Ubuntu 18.04

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Please start with the basics:

You have to use port 80 as http port, not port 81.

1 Like IPs will not work directly from the Internet (see: RFC 1918)
You must use a real FQDN and, for HTTP validation, it must globally resolve to a real IP.
Your router can then NAT/port forward from your real IP to your internal 192.168 IP.
I don't understand why you are not just using SNI on the same IP to separate your systems on the same port (80); maybe there is some technical limitation you have not mentioned...
[instead of using the same IP with separate ports (80 and 81)]


sorry, I can't share the real IP so I just Given example scenarios.

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That's OK.
Q1. Do you have a real FQDN
Q2. Does the name resolve to an Internet routable IP?
Q3. Do you want to use DNS for authentication or would you prefer to use HTTP?
Q4. Does your DNS Service Provider (DSP) allow updates via API calls?
Q5. Does your ISP allow port 80?

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