Lets Encrypt vs. synology DS


My domain is:



I revived an email titled “Action required: Let’s Encrypt certificate renewals”.
i read some threads in your forum, but i honestly have no idea what to do. I’m using a synology diskstation which gives me the opportunity to create a “lets encryt” certificate for my subdomian from feste-ip.net. My ds tells e, that my certificate my valid until 2019-04-27 (as a precaution i made a new one right now).
Is there anything to do for me?

greetings Frank


Hi @frankotronic

you have a brand new certificate:

	ssff.feste-ip.net - 1 entry

Synology is a closed world. Perhaps there are updates in the next weeks. So I would wait 2 months and some days, then check, if the certificate is renewed.

If not, you have enough time to check that.


many thx
so i’ll wait and see what happens

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