Let's Encrypt SSTP VPN

I apologize if this has been answered previously. I’m currently trying to use Let’s Encrypt as the cerificate provider for my SSTP VPN running on a Win2k8 R2 server. However, as I’m not running IIS on it I’m having a difficult time finding a ACME client that will help with this. Everything seems to be centered around encrypting web pages and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on using the certificates for other valid resources.

Does anybody have any experience with installing a certificate for use this way?


Hi @Brimmstone

Have a look at ACMESharp which is a powershell library most of the other windows clients are based on.

It gives you more granular control of where the certificates go and will allow you to script the application of the certificate for SSTP VPN.

I believe you will need to install the certificate in to the microsoft trust store for SSTP VPN to be able to use it.

Have a read of another thread and also a good example of using ACME Sharp for Remote Desktop (automatically applying the certificate)


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