Let's Encrypt pfSense Client -> GoDaddy


I successfully setup the ACME client on pfSense a few months back and it’s been working flawlessly generating a cert with multiple alternate names on it. I went to add another alternate name and it looks like something may have changed recently in the way the GoDaddy API responds. The renewal now continually fails and the error logs show the following:

response=’{“code”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Domain xyz.mydomainhere.tld not found for shopper”,“name”:“ApiError”}’
Error add txt for domain:_acme-challenge.xyz.mydomainhere.tld
The challenge txt record gets created and all the host cnames exist. Anyone else run into this?

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What script are you using? (and what version?)

Thank you


I’m pretty sure pfSense integrates acme.sh, but here’s the github repo they use.


I assume you added the new hostname in pfSense as wel as in the DNS servers of GoDaddy?


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