Let's encrypt Certificate is not trusted?


Im using a certificate in connection with a DDNS service (myserver.synology.me). However. even using a Let’s encrypt certificat (seems to be valid but just doesn’t get recognised as “save”) I’m getting an error while connecting my CloudStation Client with the CloudStation Server ion the Synology NAS

The SSL certificate of the DiskStation is nottrustworthy. This may mean that it is a self-signed certificate,or someone is trying to intercept your connection.

You must provide the specific domain name in order to get help. Or is it indeed myserver.synology.me?

it is a service provided by Synology: http://aaf-restaurierungen-gmbh.quickconnect.to which is then redirected to this address and port number: https://aaf-restaurierungen-gmbh.synology.me:5311

I’m getting a green padlock there, and it’s serving a Let’s Encrypt cert. I’m trying to check it with whynopadlock.com, but that’s running very slowly right now.

Yes, l‘m getting the same most if the time. Every now and then the connection to the Synology NAS is getting interrupted and the CloudStation is telling me that the certificat was changed…

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