Lets Encrypt Cert for same domain currently provided by Digicert

I have been using Lets Encrypt at home for a while and I m very happy with it. I thought I now could use it for my company domain.
Currently I have a wildcard certificate for my domain provided by Digicert. Note I don’t need the wildcard and I am happy to specify a few subdomains.

Can I get Lets Encrypt to issue a cert for a few chosen subdomains while the Digicert cert is still active ?

If not what is the process from moving from an old authority

Yep, that works just fine. Overlapping certificates are no problem at all. Even overlapping certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt would be fine. :wink:

Thanks. What certificate would be used by clients ?
Is it browser dependent.
I was just wondering how to confirm it was working.

Clients will use the certificate your server is configured to use. There’s no central authority that tells clients “this domain uses this certificate” or anything like that, it’s totally up to your server configuration.

The steps for changing your server configuration would depend on the kind of web server you’re using. The certbot homepage has good instructions for many different web servers, but if you need any help with that, feel free to ask.

To see which certificate you’re using, you can click on the lock icon in your navigation bar and check the certificate details, or just run SSL Labs on your domain.

Makes sense. Thank you.

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