Let's encrypt and appliances

Hello all,

first, I’m not a webdeveloper, but the documentation from Let’s encrypt I found documentation for guys which want to host a Website on unix or Windows. For me, I need a certificate for an appliance.
So is there a documentation how to integrate an appliance with a fixed web interface with a certificate from Let’s encrypt. Also important, how can I handle the Rotation of the certificate smooth without adding the new certificate manually every 90 days?

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Hi @ryder

start with the basics.

Then select a client.

If you use Certbot, there is a certonly option, so the certificate isn't installed but you have a new certificate (with renew).

Then check the documentation of your appliance if it is possible to create a script to automate the installation.


I would say that you either need a certificate update API that you can call on the appliance or the ability to install software (such as a Let’s Encrypt client) onto it.

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