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on the Debug Toolkit page a time is given for the next possible certificate like :
The next non-renewal certificate for selfhost.eu will be issuable again on 2019-02-28T22:00:33.000Z

What time zone is this date/time? I need this info to get the correct time for my place.



Hi, the time zone is UTC.

But if you mouse over the date, the tooltip will show the relative time until that date (e.g. “in 3 hours”).

If you have a suggestion about how I could better represent dates, I’d be happy to consider it.


ok, but the tooltip says in 12 hours, which is not really precise enough, because I have now 10:48


I think if you add that it is UTC time, it’s ok


I think that’s where the “Z” stands for.


Very few people know that, it’s a fair criticism. I’ll look at ways to improve it tomorrow.


ok, fine. As example I thought Z means just something like subsecond parts, I’m ignorant. :slightly_smiling_face:


BTW, Z stands for Zulu Time Zone, which at the moment has no offset to UTC and is therefore actual identical


I added a toggle for UTC/local timezone and moved away from ISO8601 to a more “human” date format. Might need to do a hard browser refresh to see it.


Thx, well done!:smiley:

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