Let encrypt certificate not trusted on Android phone

Hello, i have an issue i hope you can help me. Thanks so much for your help!

My domain is: www.kinderliesbreuk.nl

I made the website with wordpress en i managed to make an SSL certificate with WP encrypt and let’s encrypt.

Everything words perfect on my laptop on chrome and IE. And everything works also perfect on my IPhone on safari and chrome. BUT:

When i open the website on a andriod Phone, i get an error wich says the let encrypt certificate is not trusted.

Thanks so much for helping me!

You aren’t serving the intermediate certificate, hence the trust issue.

Thanks for your reply. How can i fix that problem?

Normally you need to configure the chain certificate in your web server configuration. The software that obtained the certificate should have made it available somehow. The details of what this is called or where to find it depend on your hosting environment.

Other terms that might be used for this, depending on the particular documentation or hosting environment: chain certificate, certificate chain, intermediate certificate, issuer certificate, CA certificate, certificate bundle.

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