Le64 - new cert is expired - FM19 server

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My domain is:db.hydradesignlabs.com

I ran this command: using le64.exe $params
$params = "--key $accountPath", "--email $email", "--csr $csrPath", "--csr-key $keyPath", "--crt $certPath"," --domains $domains", "--generate-missing", "--unlink", "--path $acmeDir"

It produced this output:

 le64.exe : 2022/11/17 00:11:05 [ Crypt::LE client v0.38 started. ]
At C:\Program Files\FileMaker\SSL Renewal\GetSSL.ps1:141 char:1
+ & $le64Path $params
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (2022/11/17 00:1...0.38 started. ]:String) [], RemoteException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NativeCommandError
2022/11/17 00:11:05 Generating a new account key
2022/11/17 00:11:07 Saving generated account key into C:\Program Files\FileMaker\SSL Renewalaccount.key
2022/11/17 00:11:07 Generating a new CSR for domains db.hydradesignlabs.com
2022/11/17 00:11:07 New CSR will be based on a generated key
2022/11/17 00:11:07 Saving a new CSR into C:\Program Files\FileMaker\SSL Renewaldomain.csr
2022/11/17 00:11:07 Saving a new CSR key into C:\Program Files\FileMaker\SSL Renewalkey.pem
2022/11/17 00:11:08 Registering the account key
2022/11/17 00:11:08 The key has been successfully registered. ID: 827592817
2022/11/17 00:11:08 Make sure to check TOS at https://letsencrypt.org/documents/LE-SA-v1.3-September-21-2022.pdf
2022/11/17 00:11:08 Current contact details: kmccoy@supportgroup.com
2022/11/17 00:11:08 Successfully saved a challenge file 'C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker 
Server\HTTPServer\conf\.well-known\acme-challenge\/jkhBB-M24dLoPILEqtsz85RGzcmLHrdsGe3ss_ZZtyM' for domain 'db.hydradesignlabs.com'
2022/11/17 00:11:10 Domain verification results for 'db.hydradesignlabs.com': success.
2022/11/17 00:11:10 Challenge file 'C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker 
Server\HTTPServer\conf\.well-known\acme-challenge\/jkhBB-M24dLoPILEqtsz85RGzcmLHrdsGe3ss_ZZtyM' has been deleted.
2022/11/17 00:11:10 Requesting domain certificate.
2022/11/17 00:11:11 Requesting issuer's certificate.
2022/11/17 00:11:11 Saving the full certificate chain to C:\Program Files\FileMaker\SSL Renewalcertificate.pem.
2022/11/17 00:11:11 The job is done, enjoy your certificate! 

My web server is (include version): FileMaker v19 tomcat

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Windows 10

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Azure

The new cert has an expiration date of yesterday, same as the last cert. I tried deleting all current certs and running the process again, but no change. Not sure what to try next.

Check this file and ensure it's date modified as recent as expected. Then double check your SSL config in Filemaker to ensure it's pointing to the correct file. I notice that your pem file path is different to the one suggested in their documentation: Requesting an SSL certificate


Also, you need to restart your services for the updated cert to take effect.

How, exactly, did you check that?


Thanks Christopher and Rudy.

"Check this file and ensure it's date modified as recent as expected." - I did and it had just been created, I also deleted all files first to make sure it was newly generated.

"Then double check your SSL config in Filemaker to ensure it's pointing to the correct file." - for brevity I only pasted in the results of creating the certificate, the process continues on and moves the files into the the correct path for FileMaker Server (...\FileMaker Server\CStore), then reboots the FM service. All of that also seemed to work. Looking in the FileMaker Admin Console it shows the ssl cert has expired as of 11/15/22.

Any other suggestions or questions are welcomed!

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Can that be restarted?


Rudy - yes it can, and I have. Odd thing is that when I tried to manually import the new certificate files that were generated yesterday into FileMaker Server using the cli, I received an error that the certificate had expired. Today I tried importing them using the Admin Console and it worked! Usually it is the reverse that works best.

I'll need to wait until the next renewal round to see if the basic process works automatically - sure gave me fits on this round!

Thanks for your help

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