LE validation server sending multiple verification requests

Apologies for lack of specific information in this post, but I just noticed that since ~1830 UTC, there are now multiple challenge verification requests for /.well-known/acme-challenge/ URL per site from 3 different IP addresses at the same second ({66,18,34}.xxx.xxx.xxx).

Context: I have a custom LE client which relied on the fact that there will be only single challenge-verification request for a site, and is now kind of broken, as while one of the request gets answered successfully, but subsequent requests fail.

Is this on purpose or some anomaly ?


Yes, it’s intentional. It helps mitigate MITM attacks against Let’s Encrypt’s validation procedure, and probably some other benefits.

I believe the plan is to bring it to production as well, but no idea what the timeline on that is.

The FAQ mentions it too:

What IP addresses does Let’s Encrypt use to validate my web server?
We don’t publish a list of IP addresses we use to validate, because they may change at any time. In the future we may validate from multiple IP addresses at once.

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Alright, thanks for confirmation. It's already in production from what I see.

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In production we're making multiple validation requests to collect some data but are not yet enforcing results based on the observed consensus.

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