LE replacing a current certificate


I myself use only IIS 10.0 on Windows 10, so I am asking for myself, how can I get a certificate and then renew it manually? (I can help you if you need something from IIS.)


@Jason, I don’t know the current status of the IIS port. Hopefully we can get an update about it soon.

An inconvenient solution is to use the standalone mode in the Unix client on a Unix machine and save the private key, certificate, and chain as files, which you could then copy onto your Windows machine and import. I realize this is not ideal for the long run; although the certificates are free of charge, this would no longer necessarily be simpler and faster than getting certs from other CAs.

Split "Issuance and Renwal" into Policy and Technical categories

This is incorrect. Right now, all certificates/keys are enrolled in renewal unless only a CSR is provided (The client never has access to the key in this case).



Thanks for the correction, @jdkasten.