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RSA2048 is equal to an symmetric cipher >64bit. So signing an CSR with an RSA key with an minimum
length >=2048 bit RSA mean you support that this individual or organization from an sanctioned country
can use it.
I think this could be an question even tricky to answer for lawyers and definitely not as easy as to say it is
free of fee. You should remember that crypto stuff is “officially” as strict export controlled as war weapons.


Did you have a question?


I believe the original post was expressing concern regarding an interpretation of the export of cryptographic software from the United States. However, OP is mistaken about the classification of TLS and it related technologies. Commodity encryption, as such, is no longer subject to key size restrictions, and is also no longer classified as a munition, as of like, a decade and a half ago. Additionally, even if it did, the certificate itself is not encryption software. The items that would be subject to such restrictions would be software that uses the certificate and key, such as the web server software, OpenSSL, browsers, etc. Obviously these are legally exported, because of the reclassification mentioned above.


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