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Hi we run a mail server with multiple domains and sub domains ie.;, Is it possible to provide a CSR to Lets Encrypt for signing for import into Kerio Connect mail server? The mail server runs on OSX.

Any help appreciated.

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Yes, if you like, you can do it like that.

For example, when using Certbot:

certbot certonly -a manual --csr /path/to/csr.pem

or you can submit a CSR to a site like ZeroSSL which will also guide you through the certificate issuance process.

Keep in mind that the idea to use Let’s Encrypt is to take advantage of automation - the validation and installation of certificates should be totally automatic, which is achieved by using one of the available ACME clients suited to your environment.


Thanks AZ, i dont believe there is a way to automate the process with in Kerio Mail server as its required to import the generated certificate unless you guys know of a way? :))

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Automation is merely preprogramming the steps you would take yourself.
[Given that those steps must be able to be repeated “blindly” and still succeed]

If you find that set of “steps”, you can automate them.
Even Kerio must have a known set of steps to update the certificate…
You might not find that answer here; But once you do find it, you should be able to include them in the automation process.

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