Issues on Mac with WSS : *OSStatus Error -9807 Invalid certificate chain

Since yesterday, there are some issues with sockets WSS when using letsecrypt certificates
(This happens on Mac only with SAFARI and Chrome: Firefox is fine)

All my certificates are valid (they have been renewed) and works fine on PC.

When I switch to a certificate with cloudflare (or some other generated certifs created by PLESK), everything is fine.

Error is ; Websocket connection to wss://... failed on Chrome and on Safari I got
OSStatus Error -9807 Invalid certificate chain

Once again, this error appeared from yesterday (on 5 different servers) and Only on Mac (!)
and when I change to another certificate (not generated by letsencrypt, everything is fine)

I use this (in nodejs)

  key:       "/etc/letsencrypt/live/"
  cert:     "/etc/letsencrypt/live/"

Use fullchain.pem, not cert.pem.


Thanks a lot. That works fine.

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