Issue with certbot and SSL in Raspbian (apache2)

Hi all, I have a local apache server running in Raspbian OS (local server). The HTTP site (with "" domain) can be acessed from internet (port 80 and 443 forwarded). But, running "sudo certbot --apache", show this output:

Enabled Apache rewrite module
Waiting for verification...
Challenge failed for domain
http-01 challenge for
Cleaning up challenges
Some challenges have failed.

Detail: my server running local. Maybe I have to try the "webroot" comm?
Anyone can help me?

Apache version: Apache/2.4.38 (Raspbian)
Raspbian OS Version: "10 (buster)"
Certbot Version: 1.12.0


Hi @nlc

your domain name is required if you want help.

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Hi JuergenAuer, I changed the message.
Thanks for the reply.

See your check, ~~2 hours old -

Only timeouts.

If you want to use http validation, a working port 80 / http is required.

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You left out the actual error message / reason for failure.

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