ISP blocks port 80

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My ISP is blocking port 80.
Considering -preferred-challenges tls-sni is now disabled, I will not be able to authenticate with LE and subsequently easily renew unless port 80 is available?


Hi @Mukrosz,

Please see

for more information about your options. There are two other methods available in addition to HTTP-01. However, you won’t be able to use certbot --nginx or certbot --apache unless port 80 is available.

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So basically my only option is DNS-01 challenge. Port 443 route is no longer available.

If you’re using Certbot, that’s right. If you want to consider using a different Let’s Encrypt client, lego and (at least) have some level of support for TLS-ALPN-01 validation, which can still work over port 443. Certbot may support this method in the future, but implementing it isn’t currently scheduled.

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I’ll check the aforementioned projects. it will be difficult because of the very many years of certbot sentimental attachment :slight_smile:
Many thanks for your help!

Or: switch to another ISP.

For the most part, all ISPs do that for consumer level, at least where I live.
I’d need to upgrade to a business package and pay a lot more to have port 80 available to me.
Money grab, all it is.

Thanks again @schoen.
I got it to work with using port 443


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