Is wildcard SSL support for windows 2012 server


Hi, I am using windows server 2012, Can we use Letsencrypt for wildcard ssl for windows server 2012. If yes please share how to setup.


Hi @pennyful

you can create wildcard certificates if you use dns-01 - validation. That’s independend from your OS. I use a wildcard certificate with Windows 2012.

Check the list of client implementations

to find a client.


Thanks for your suggestion!


To answer this more clearly for any future readers:

Letsencrypt is both a cert service and a software which can be used to automate the certificate issuance process.

The LE service can be used just like any other certificate authority service.
The LE software is specific to the O/S and is only one of many ACME clients available that work with the service.
There is an LE software for Windows 2012 (I use LE64.exe).
Each ACME client software has its’ pros and cons.
[which can change as they are developed]
You need to find the one that fits all your needs.
Like: DNS/API plugin support.

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