Is there any way to tell if a certificate was issue by the V1 or V2 ACME API?

It’s possible that I am missing something obvious here. Is there ANY reliably detectable difference in certificates created by either API version?


There's no difference or point in the certificates issued between two APIs. (They issue the same regular certificate with same aspects)

However, any wildcard certificates issued by let's encrypt is under API V2. (And there's still no difference from other certificates except the range of the certificate...)

(I really hope I made the points clear, however if I don't, please point it out to avoid confusion)

Thank you

Thanks for your reply - can you clarify what you mean by the “range” of the certificate and what the specific difference would be between the two?

I think @stevenzhu means the 'amount of hostnames covered by the certificate', which of course would be limited to the exact number of included certificates in a non-wildcard certificate versus an virtually unlimited number of possible hostnames in a wildcard certificate.

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Is see - thanks for the clarification.

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