Is there another apt source for certbot?

i tired to install certbot on my server ubuntu 16.04 ,ip address in Zhengzhou,China.
but i can not apt-get update it.
it always told me faild to connect to ( certbot source.

so i want to ask is there another apt source for certbot? is a package repository hosting service operated by Ubuntu. The Certbot packages use it, as do many other projects.

There aren’t any other mirrors of it.

There are other ways to install Certbot, including certbot-auto and Docker Hub, but those are as likely to be blocked as anything else.

(For that matter, the Certbot website might be blocked too.)

Hi @blueslu,

This is is the IP address of I guess this is currently blocked on your network. :frowning:

You could also try certbot-auto, which does not use distribution package managers. It ultimately downloads the packages from the Python package distribution system PyPi, which uses a different set of servers.

Our instructions for obtaining certbot-auto suggest running

chmod a+x certbot-auto

(If you do get a certificate error when trying to download by this method, please don’t override it because we rely on the HTTPS connection to ensure the integrity of the software download.)

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You can also get it from GitHub

This is not a recommended method because (1) you have to get the software dependencies yourself, (2) you have to set up the Python virtual environment yourself, and (3) it doesn’t update automatically to newer versions. However, it might be a possible method for you if other methods don’t work.

Finally, Certbot is only one of many Let’s Encrypt client applications, so if you can’t get it, you could also try a different one:


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