Is there an acme client that client easy to modify?


I’m messing with pebble to add ip identifiers - but I can’t find clients that doesn’t hardcoded the identifiers type, as it’s always ‘dns’ in past. is there a client that allows such thing? (or modeler enough that I can easily write for it.)

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There is a list of clients:

It depends on your programming skills, but the bash clients are probably most easy to modify.

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acme-tiny looks most simple. thanks!

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Thanks for trying to implement that! I’m looking forward to use it (for testing) :slight_smile:

I’ve played around with IP support for the Ansible client today (; I couldn’t test it, since pebble doesn’t support IP identifiers, but it might actually :wink: For you it’s pobably easier to modify a simpler client (such as acme-tiny) on the fly, but once the basic support is working, I’d like to try the Ansible client with it as well!

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