Is it possible to convert standard cert to wildcard?

Is it possible to convert the cert to wildcard WITHOUT creating a -0001 conf and Liv we and archive directory??

I renamed the archive and live directories and conf file but a - - force-renewal still created a - 0001 file

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This was a very bad idea:

You should never rename/move/delete anything within the /etc/letsencrypt/ path.

As for your topic title question:
You can force the use of a specific name with the --cert-name {name} parameter/option.


Renaming was to preserve that cert while while intending to create the same cert name

It worked previously to server names to a standard cert to consolidate them all in one renewal before the wildcard certs became available

Thanks I will try the option you mention


Certbot has a lot of different references in /etc/letsencrypt; if you don't understand what all of them are and perform the renaming in a way that preserves all of them, you may encounter problems down the line. That's why it's really not recommended to do this.

I'm sorry that we never created a certbot rename command or similar.

Right now the recommended approach is:

  • If you want to change the coverage of a certificate while preserving its existing certificate name, use --cert-name and request the new domains that you want it to cover.
  • If you want to change the name of a certificate, delete it with certbot delete (note that you have to manually remove references to it in any server application configuration files that refer to the deleted certificate) and then recreate it

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