Is it possible to add domain to existing certificate?

We generated certificated for one domain, but i learned that it is possible to add more domains to one certificate. Is it possible to add it to existing one?

We cannot generate it from scratch because we very quickly hit the limit, and it says “Too many certificates already issued”

maybe there is some other way how can we add another subdomain? it’s by the way all part of one domain. we added cert for and but not to itself :slight_smile: is it possible to fix it, or we need to wait 7 days to be able to create new certificate?

You need to wait I’m afraid.

You can test everything on the staging server in the meantime ( best for testing).

You will need to issue a new certificate with all the subdomains on - or just create one for the specific subdomain.

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If I issue a new certificate both for the domain(s) for which I previously created my cert, plus the new domains that I didn’t originally include, what will happen to the original certificate? Also, should I clean up old cert files?

Nothing will happen to the original certificate, you will still have a copy, but you simply won’t be using it.

I keep the old certs ( securely ) until they expire, just in case I need them. After that, you can clean up and delete them.