IPv6 only domains failing

I’m currently having issues with IPv6 only domains. When trying to renew I get the following error:

Domain: <the domain>
Type:   connection
Detail: Could not connect to <the domain>

Adding a A record for the domain means it passes but this isn’t something I would think I’d have to do?

hi @jloh

IPV6 is supported by the boulder server (the server Let’s Encrypt uses to issue certificates etc)

Without your domain name it’s hard to assist further as there may be valid reasons why the connection is not succeeding


Hey. I was doing a 301 for the .well-known path to a central server for issuing certificates. I double a triple checked that everything was available over IPv6 (curls from external servers etc) and I’m not sure what else to say really.

After adding A records for both the CA domain (ca.jloh.co) and the domain having issues renewing (ipv6.geojs.io) everything worked fine.

Hi @jloh,

I checked the logs from our side and it does appear that we had trouble connecting to the resolved IPv6 address. I’ve asked our operations team to look into this further.


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Hi again,

The problem should be fixed now. Thanks again for reporting! Please let me know if you’re still having difficulties with IPv6 only domain authorization.


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