IPv6 and IPv4 different servers


This may be a pretty odd or unique setup, but I have a handful of VMs all behind an nginx reverse proxy, sharing a single IPv4, these VMs all have their own IPv6 assigned and routed right on them for IPv6 access.

When I go to create/request a cert on my nginx proxy (serving ipv4 requests) I get a fail because the IPv6 does not match the server I am running it on.

Is there a way I can use letsencrypt? I cannot seem to find any docs similar to my use case.



What’s the exact error (and log) you’re getting from the Let’s Encrypt client? Because as far as I know, Boulder doesn’t use IPv6 (yet?)…


I am getting the typical cannot verify domain, I will try again shortly to get the exact message.


I am actually getting this now
The request message was malformed :: Unable to update challenge :: Response does not complete challenge

After running
./letsencrypt-auto certonly --standalone