Invalid timestamp error

My domain is:
I ran this command: We’re using the latest version of win-acme (v2.0.4)

We renewed the certificate and now Chrome says there’s a problem with transparency. It seems the timestamp in the log is wrong? I don’t know how to troubleshoot this. I hope I have included enough information otherwise please ask.

Certificate Transparency:
SCT Cloudflare ‘Nimbus2019’ Log (Embedded in certificate, Invalid timestamp)
SCT Google ‘Argon2019’ log (Embedded in certificate, Invalid timestamp)

:wave: Hi @callander, welcome to the Let's Encrypt community forums.

Can you also share what version of Chrome you're using? Sometimes errors like these can be caused by using an out of date Chrome.

One other question: Is your computer's clock correct?

I just checked your website with an up to date Chrome and wasn't able to reproduce the problem. I see a valid certificate that expires near the end of June.

Hi cpu, thanks for your quick reply. Your guess was right, the error was that the time on the computer BROWSING the site was one hour off. Once I set it right the site works without error.

Stupid error - I wasn’t expecting this :smile:

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Woohoo :tada: :lock: I'm glad to hear everything is working correctly now.

You're too hard on yourself :laughing: It's not at all stupid! In fact when Google did a research study on what caused HTTPS warnings to be shown the most common cause for Windows users was an incorrect clock. It's not intuitive to know that a relatively small clock inaccuracy could cause strange certificate transparency errors :slight_smile:

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