Installing LetsEncrypt on WordPress on AWS Lightsail

I have read many guides that have steps for Installing LetsEncrypt on a WordPress site on AWS Lightsail.

None of them helped. Does anyone have a proper guide that works? Please suggest. Thanks.

For anybody to help you, you need to provide more details about where you got stuck.

it is very unlikely that every single guide you tried is defective.


it is very unlikely that every single guide you tried is defective.

You’re right. I probably didn’t look at the error logs and debug.

I followed the guide from Bitnami and it’s all good now! Thanks on trying to help though!

I too am trying to install on AWS Lightsail WordPress. There is a guide from Bitnami here:

About mid-way thru it walks you into installing the LetsEncrypt WP Plugin.

I went though the install, but “activated” the plugin-before the instructions said. By the time I finished it told me “Let’s Encrypt: Registration key is already in use” and I could not move forward.

I tried deleting the directories on the server and starting from scratch, but continue to get the same Error.

Western Spirit Media Services
United States of America

Please help.

Hi, try removing the plugin and adding it again. Careful with that plugin because it didn’t auto renew for me.

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