Installation question

I'm new to this, and not sure I'm on the right page to be asking these sort of questions.
I have OMV running docker, with duckdns and jellyfin, and all is well. I would like to create a little more security with LetsEncrypt. Using portainer I found a template. Now I'm lost as to how to fill it out. I cant find any examples that are relevant to me. For instance the 1st drop-down says bridge, host, jellyfin_default, none. The next is email, do i need this one also?.

Hi @perkunas,

Your question is appropriate here, but I don't think many members of this community are familiar with Jellyfin, so you might not find an answer.

You could try on the Jellyfin Forum to get a higher likelihood of people who are familiar with what you're asking about.

Either way, I hope you find someone on one forum or the other who can help you out!

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