Install and run certbot on Synology DS210j (DSM 5.2.x)


I’m not sure, if I’m right here with my question. But…

I would like to install certbot on my Synology NAS (DS210j, DSM 5.2.x). I already cloned the certbot-project from github. Now, always I run the script, following errors occure:
Sorry, I don’t know how to bootstrap Certbot on your operating system!

You will need to install OS dependencies, configure virtualenv, and run pip install manually.
Please see
for more info.

pyhton 2.7.x is already installed. Augeas I already cloned from github. the other ones (virtualenv, pip), I don’t know how to install (or to check) on DSM 5.2.x.
bash is not installed yet.

I dont’ have any idea, what’s the point. What I have to do to get a certificate (and auto-renew) on my DS210j.

I already tried with It runs without any problems, but I got a freedns-subdomain. And with it’s not possible to get a certificate on a subdomain from Freedns.

Maybe here someone can help me.


You can use in --standalone mode.

I believe certbot is not able to issue cert from freedns too.


@Neilpang : It works! Thank you.
I got a new cert with following command: --issue --tls -d "subdomain.domain.tld" (--force)

Now, I just need a way to auto-install the new cert on synology. Currently, it doesn’t update automaticaly on synology dsm.
Do you (or anybody else) know where I have to copy the cert files on dms5? And is it enough to copy or is there more to do?

Because I found a possible path (/usr/syno/etc/ssl/…). But I’m not sure.


I got it.
Following command issue/renew my certificate on Synology DSM 5.2.x --issue --tls -k 4096 -d _"subdomain.domain.tld"_ --cert-file /usr/syno/etc/ssl/ssl.crt/server.crt --key-file /usr/syno/etc/ssl/ssl.key/server.key


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