Incorrect time in Let's Encrypt logs on Ubuntu


I have installed LE on my Ubuntu 16.04.1 server.
Everything went well.

I do have one “issue”.
When checking the log files for LE (/var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log) the times are off.
I’m on CET timezone and have set this on my server. But the log file shows all entries 1 hour less.
So when it’s 2pm the log file shows 1pm.

Can this be fixed?
It’s not really a big deal, I can just add 1 hour to the log entries but it would be nice to have this with the correct time. :slight_smile:

Incorrect time in Let’s Encrypt logs on Ubuntu

This sounds like a server config issue rather than LetsEncrypt. I’d suggest running

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

which will set your time zone (you say you have already done this - so it should not make any changes, but may correct any bits you have missed ). Then run

service rsyslog restart

to restart logging.

Then check your logs for all events since you did that ( it can’t back-date changes of course )


dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Current default time zone: 'Europe/Amsterdam'
Local time is now:      Tue Jan 17 14:58:19 CET 2017.
Universal Time is now:  Tue Jan 17 13:58:19 UTC 2017.

After that “service rsyslog restart” but still the same problem.
Times in the log are set on UTC I guess (1 hour behind).
Other log files show the correct time stamp though. It’s only the log for LE.


has letsencrypt run since you updated things ? and still showing the incorrect time ?


Yes, I have deleted the logs files. Re-run the update for LE and checked the new log.


Any one have a clue?


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