Inadvertently deleted .well-known/


I inadvertently deleted the .well-known/ directory from my website. Is there a certbot command to get it back or should I create a new certificate?


You donʼt need a .well-known directory on your site to have your site working properly. It will be recreated on the next renewal attempt.

OK, I have a renew scheduled twice a day (as advised by the documentation).
I hope you’re right :wink:

in the context of LE acme-challenge requests:
.well-known files are temporary
recreate the folder(s) and put a test.txt file therein.
if you can reach it via http://your-domain.tld/.well-known/acme-challenge/test.txt you should be good to go.

in theory, /.well-known can also be used by other Internet protocols.

Therefore, I would not suggest deleting it arbitrarily, even though most sites don’t use it at all.

Thanks! I thought it was more complex than that (like the domain verification with Google that needs to put a very specific file at a very specific place), but by seeing my other websites, they actually only have a .well-known directory and nothing in them. Apparently the needed files are created during the renewal process and removed afterward. So I just created a .well-known dir where it was, hopefully (and logically) that should be enough.

Thanks for the help!

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