In what intervals does certbot renew automatically?

In July I created a couple of certs for domains on my host. I recall that certbot had the habit that it automatically renewed the certificates quite a while before they really expire. Is that the case and if yes, what is this interval? Presently

openssl x509 -in cert.pem -text -noout
gives : Not Before: Jul 9 ... 2022
         Not After: Oct 7 ... 2022

It depenss on how you installed Certbot if a systemd timer or cronjob will be set up. Those mechanisms aren't set up by Certbot itself, but by the package manager.

Usually those timers are set up to try to renew twice a day and Certbot will try to renew a cert when 30 days of validity are remaining by default. (I.e., after 60 days.)


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