Implement non-ssl shoutcast stream

I need specific help to Implement non-ssl (http) shoutcast stream in normal ssl domain (https) and to be fully functional (playable, showing all metadata) It is important to be good stable solution. . Shoutcas sever are in the different static ip adress. Probably i need some kind ot apache virtual host or stunnel, but the main problem is that my hosting provider have a function to encrypt domain (in-built, automaticly, letsencrypt) So, i think that this ssl sertificate must be used for the proxy - and the big question - how exactly. I am not pro, but have desire to learn :slight_smile: my stream is here (windosw 10) my site is here (still template) I can run icecast too, there is ssl built in function but my problem stay. Probably there has another solution too. Any help will be appreciated.

I don't see anything in your post that gives any indication that your question has anything at all to do with the Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority or any of its services. I'd think your question would probably be directed to whatever support resources exist for your hosting provider or Apache generally.


Yeah, I agree with Dan.

That said, we have helped people with Icecast before and you can search this forum. It has been difficult but I believe at least one person got Icecast with HTTPS to work. The Icecast site (link here) would be best for where you are in your research

As one example thread here

It's a good starting post in that thread as it mentions about radio support. But the more interesting bits are later.


Thank you

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But that seems to be the opposite of what OP wants? OP seems to want one without HTTPS :thinking:


Maybe but I interpreted their desire as wanting an HTTPS front-end to their HTTP-only server. Or, use Icecast but I am not completely clear what the problem with that is.

In any case, this is a server design / config problem and not related to Let's Encrypt in particular.


ok, sorry, close the topic

That could also be the issue. A simple reverse proxy would do the trick. We've helped users in the past with that I believe, but as much information is lacking (the #help questionnaire wasn't used), I'm also inclined to agree that this is not something for this Community.


I remember special issues for reverse proxy with a streaming service. Since I couldn't recall specific details I focused on Icecast. Perhaps my memory about those difficulties is faulty :slight_smile:

At least we all agree better help is elsewhere - even by the OP


Your memories are probably better than mine :wink:

Yup :slight_smile:


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