Icecast 2.4.4 on Ubuntu 19.10

Other non-essential questions:
O1: Why Ubuntu 19.10?
[.10s have shorter product lifetimes]

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it was the latest version… should I reinstall to 18.04?

sorry if I’m being dense :frowning:

in this instance, if I set up the Icecast server on which is running on how do I get certbot to certify that particular IP? because when I did that earlier and typer certbot certonly … it gave the error logged above?

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I would use the latest LTS version.
[LTS = Long Term Support - or is that LongTerm Support? - or maybe it’s Long-Term Support]

That doesn’t (yet) make sense.
Because does NOT equal
You can “fix” that by changing the IP for that name (DNS control panel?).
Or create a new name; that points to

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okie… so… when created as the icecast hostname and running on the VPS is
but when created as the subdomain on the hosting is

is that the issue? that there are two conflicting ?

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They don’t conflict.
Your understanding is… a bit off.
I could put up a server with that name too.
The Icecast server has a name that it doesn’t “own”.
The “owner” of the name is controlled by DNS.
And DNS says that is
That is the only - there is no other.
You need to change that; and you can.
You control the domain, you control the DNS for it.
You need to change the DNS to say that is
Then the whole Internet will know where it “really” is.

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ah sweet…

so I’ve gone into my webhosting provider and changed the IP address for to point to instead of
gonna wait for a few mins and try certbot again
hopefully will progress :slight_smile: and report back soon

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I changed on my website to point to

yes? or should I change the VPS server instead??


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I can’t do the design for you.
The requirements are simple:
You want Icecast to use a cert.
Certs are assigned to names.
Names resolve to IP address(es).
The Icecast server needs a name.
[you already installed it as “”]
That name needs to point to the IP of the Icecast server.
Then you can install certbot and obtain a cert for that name (easily) at that IP.
Then you can use that cert with Icecast to encrypt your “stream(s)”.

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heheh no worries, sincerely appreciate all your help

the DNS for on the hosting is also pointing to


good human, you have been a gem!

redirecting the DNS of the website to the Icecast IP has worked a treat and I was able to get the cert up and running…

now to configure the rest of Icecast to use the cert and I’ll be in business.

thank you so much for your patience and ready responses :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad to be of service :slight_smile:
:beers: from Miami

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stay safe out there!!


could the issue be that the domain hosting provider is already giving ssl cert so when certbot tries it, it wigs out?

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Those two things are unrelated.
When you say “wigs out” … do you have any specific error message or log entry?

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@doof: learn from @eivind. (Subdomain mess-up with two local IPs)

There’s a pretty interesting piece of software called azuracast that does everything you need, just install that instead of icecast by itself. :smiley:

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I can confirm that Azuracast mostly works. Icecast by itself seems not to play nice with https, but Azuracast proxies everything through ports 443 and 80.

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Did you get the reverse proxy to work without mixed content, at last?

(I think it needs some kind of headers added to the reverse proxy config, maybe you can adapt this nginx config and see if it works – or maybe this for apache, only copy the proxy directives)

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this Azuracast thing has worked for me (though it took a while to figure it all out {as usual})

right now I’m so happy because I’ve been banging my head on a wall for 3 days straight trying to figure it out…

Azuracast has given me the solution I needed, but I still want to play around with doing everything myself and see how far I can get…

but that is for another day… right now, imma go dance in rain coz I got what I needed.

thank you so so so much to everyone who shared input to help me figure this out… I’ll be back soon!

much love


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