I use java app on Windows Server 2012! SSL not recognized by java


We have 1 application written in JAVA. The server is Windows Server 2012 R2.
We have written a plugin for a online service which uses your certificate.

Java doesn’t like the certificate. Can anyone advice how to make java be friendly with Let Encrypt certificates?

Thank you.

The IdenTrust root certificate used by Let’s Encrypt was added to Java only recently, I believe with 1.8.0u101. If possible, upgrading to that version should work.

You can also manually import the certificates in Java’s trust store. This gist has an example of that.

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hi weblike

Java has it’s own certificate store.

I would suggest improting the certificate and the intermediate certificates.

To help some more can you tell us how you are using SSL in your application.

Upgrading to latest build of Java_8_102 as pfg suggested, worked for me…
I don’t use the certificate in application, we developed a plugin for a webservice which uses Letencrypt certificates (java didn’t recognized these certificates), but as I said above just upgrading to latest java version solved the problem.

Thank you.

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