I am trying to understand how Lets Encrypt works


Good day everyone,

I have been trying to get certificates from Lets Encrypt but from what I understood I need a Domain name … is there another option ? Thank you.


What do you want to use the certificate for ? (especially if you don’t have a domain name)


I would like to use the certificates with Open VPN on my pc, thank you for the reply.


Is this a VPN for yourself? Then why would you
need a third party at all? Using your own CA is always preferrable. The
need for third parties only arises when you need to prove to other
people that you are really you.

And even if this was a VPN that other people use, I would still
provide the necessary certs on a HTTPS site and not use a public CA for
the VPN itself.

Also, if you want the users connect using a cert/key (you will see this
approach on almost all the tutorials that you could get) you will need a
CA to sign the CSRs for the users, that is something that you can’t get
with Let’s Encrypt so, use your own self-signed CA to
generate your vpn server certificate and the certificates used by your
vpn users.


I do apologise for the late reply (and my bad gramer), as of now I live in another country where the laws for some interenet things are a bit … too strict.

The VPN is for myself on my personal machine and it will be ment for reaserch for data with Couchpotato (for example), a good friend of mine used this method for his home server, that is why I thought it would help me as well.

And I am assuming you mean to make my own certificated via control pannel ? I did try that but only the first top option is available from the 3 that are there and … tbh … I do not really know where to go from there, that is why I need assistance, thank you again for your time.


I understand about things being a little strict, that’s not a problem. And your grammar is fine :slight_smile:

Can I ask what the operating system is on your server (that you want to be the openvpn server you are connecting to) and I’ll try and point you in the right direction.


before anything … is there a way to talk with DM or would you mind on skype ? I would be able to explain better, in more detail. abacumon


I’m messaged you via DM


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