I am getting this error while getting the certificate. Need your help! Thanks in advance for your help!

I don't know if this is much help. But, if you are expert in that config it might be enough ...

Certbot is using the webroot method so will place a file in the folder indicated by the --webroot-path (or -w) setting in its command. (value not shown on your screen but is in the letsencrypt.log)

Certbot then tells the Let's Encrypt server to look for this. The LE Server makes an HTTP request as shown in the Detail message. Your nginx server must reply with the contents of the file created by Certbot

From your screen it looks like you have two containers. One for Certbot and one for nginx. These two containers must be sharing the same --webroot-path folder otherwise your nginx will not have the file to satisfy the LE server request. The 404 error code in the message means Not Found.


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