HTTPS using Let's Encrypt with 2 VMs on DO using Heartbeat and Floating IPs?


I have two VMs on Digital Ocean running CentOS 6 LAMP stacks. Both are identical.

I have then setup failover using DOs tutorial on high availability using Heartbeat and a floating IP:

I tested failover by powering down VM1 and failover worked perfectly by directing traffic to VM2.

Then I installed Apache Tomcat on VM1, followed by setting up Let’s Encrypt Cert using certbot on VM1. I am able to hit the https page with no issue. What I want to be able to do now is shutdown VM1 and have failover work so that VM2 shows the page over https. What steps would need to be taken to ensure that VM2 works over https? Would I need to copy specific keys or other files over from VM1 to VM2?


I figured it out. I just needed to copy the /etc/letsencrypt dir and ssl config file over to VM 2 from VM1. Failover works perfectly now.


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