HTTPS Images Problem on Joomla CMS

I am having trouble after having installed the SSL certificate on the server with Let’s Encrypt. Some images simply do not load, and there are no errors on the console. Can someone help me? My site was developed with Joomla CMS.

My domain is:


I think you’ve already resolved this issue (or it’s just a cache problem)

Because from my browser, all images are loaded correctly…

Can you please share some page / picture which doesn’t load correctly so we can take a look?

Thank you

@stevenzhu, this blank section has a background image. I even thought it was cache, but I cleaned it and the problem continued. I have several other sites with this same problem.


However i didn’t see the picture even in console mode…

Are you sure you didn’t remove it from the background?

Hi @jvmasera

I can see the picture.

It’s from


in the CSS, has the attribute: background-image: url (/images/2018/06/13/bg-tratamentos-cancer-fianlo.jpg), if I put this in the URL, it works (

Strange, what could be happening?

You may have an old cache.

I’m just having this problem with Chrome, I think it must be some caching problem anyway. Strange because I cleared the cache in the browser and with CCleaner, and did not solve, but anyway. Thank you.

That’s weird…

Since i’m definitely first time visiting his website & i can’t see the picture too…

Oh - that's a browser problem. The picture was created with FireFox. With Chrome, I see nothing.

I am getting the same issue.
If you force reload the page (press shift and hit refresh), sometimes a few images are not loading. Sometimes even the css won’t load. Its intermittent so have to try multiple times

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