Http access only through port 8585


I’ve been given a VPS which can’t use 80 and 443 externally so they use 8585 for HTTP and 8989 for HTTPS.

These are my attempts to create a cert based on some research:

$ ./letsencrypt-auto certonly --renew-by-default --webroot -w /srv/frontend -d
$ ./letsencrypt-auto certonly --http-01-port 8585 --renew-by-default --webroot -w /srv/frontend -d
$ ./letsencrypt-auto certonly -a manual -d --http-01-port 8585


- The following errors were reported by the server:
   Type:   connection
   Detail: Could not connect to

Any help?

Updating cert but server is not in default port 80

The http-01 challenge has to be done on port 80, the options are for when there’s a proxy or similar involved. Your only option is to use a client that supports the dns-01 challenge.


You would have to complete the dns-01 challenge.


How do I use dns-01?


My understanding is the official client doesn’t support DNS authentication for now, so you should try one of the bash clients (e.g. Neilpang’s client).


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