HOWTO: ACME-v2 DNS-Challenge with Strato


Hi everyone,
i am not quite sure if this is the right place to post this… Please move if it is not!
I want to share a short “How-To” because I had quite a few problems with getting DNS-Challange to work for my domain wich is managed by strato. My Problem was to create those two TXT-Records whithin strato’s DNS-Settings: The solution was to set “_acme-challenge” (without quotationmarks :wink: ) as “Prefix” and this rather “random” string as value. This solved my problem with getting TXT-Records to work. Even the “technical-support” at Strato did not managed to figure this out!

Hope this helps in case!


Thank u. I struggled about the same problem. One additional hint: Both(!) TXT records must be set. I started with just one and changed the value when certbot asked, so the cerification failed. I tried again an finished with two identically named prefixes and different values - result: Certificate created :+1:


Many thanks for your post and the howto - I struggled as well and finally gave up. Just a short question: You have to set TXT records manually via the WebIF or did you figure out a way to do this automatically with a script? Otherwise, those entries would need to be set every 90 days, if I am not mistaken…


I set the records manually. I did not try to write a script to automate and for me it is perfectly fine to set these records manually every 90 days for one domain.


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