How would I hire somebody to set up HTTPS for my sites?

Hi there,

I run a small business with a few websites self-hosted at an AWS EC2 instance.

I am a music teacher, and learned a scattering of HTML, CSS, PHP to build our websites.

It’s time to convert my websites to HTTPS, but using Terminal, Apache etc. is over my head.

How might I locate a freelance web developer who could set up HTTPS with auto-renewing SSL certificates for me?

I would then update in-site links myself (from http to https), but I’m hoping to hire somebody for the more technical part of the process.

Beyond “freelance web developer,” is there any qualification or description I should be looking for?

Where would you recommend I begin my search?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Not a direct answer to your question, but:

If you have basic understanding of using the terminal, you can use Caddy (I’m the developer) for free to serve your site, which includes automatic HTTPS (with auto-renewal) by default:

You can even install it with a single command:

And a simple config file (“Caddyfile”) for a PHP site through php-fpm, for example:

fastcgi / localhost:9000 php

Then just run caddy in the same folder as your Caddyfile and you’re good to go! (There’s a full tutorial at

If you still want to hire someone, you could look for a systems administrator (“sysadmin”) or “devops” professional, which is more specifically about managing the machines and systems that keep sites online, more than developing the site, specifically. (But some can do both.)


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