How would I go about switching from my Comodo SSL cert to LetsEncrypt service?

I have previously installed a certificate from ComodoSSL on my AWS Lightsail instance with Bitnami Wordpress installed. I would like to switch over to using LetsEncrypt but I was just wondering about that process.

Do I have to figure out what I did manually a year ago and remove the current config, or can I just run the certbot commands etc supplied by LetsEncrypt and it will override whatever I have currently installed?

Thanks for reading!

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Hi @psilo

that’s your solution.

Select a client (Bitnami has it’s own solution), create a Letsencrypt certificate and install it.

First, make a backup of your current certificate.


Sweet! I figured this was the case but I wanted to just ask the community first to make sure. Thanks a lot for your quick reply.


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