How to use only one .conf-file with Let's Encrypt (LE)


LE created this file: mydomain.tld-le-ssl.conf

How can I add the content to mydomain.tld.conf which is already in use, without getting in trouble as LE might strictly need this -le-ssl.conf-file?


I just tested the following: I made a vhost.conf file with two <VirtualHost> containers in it: one for non-HTTPS (*:80) and one for the HTTPS (*:443). Then, I filled the HTTPS container with a self-signed certificate, so Apache wouldn’t complain about stuff… I don’t really know if this is necessary, because I didn’t test this (yet :stuck_out_tongue:). You have to add some sort of SSLCertificateFile (and SSLCertificateKeyFile), because otherwise the LE client can’t replace the values in it. If it can’t find those directives, it will give you the certificate, but without the proper change in the conf-file.

Only thing was:

 - We were unable to set up enhancement redirect for your server,
   however, we successfully installed your certificate.

When I choose 2: Secure - Make all requests redirect to secure HTTPS access… But it did install the LE certificate :slightly_smiling: And without adding a new conf-file…