How to update the redirect setting of an existing certificate?

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I have created a certificate for my site via ‘certbot-auto run --apache’ command. Trouble is; when I was asked whether I wanted to redirect all http traffic to https traffic, I said sadly ‘No’.

My question is: Is there a way to update the existing certificate to change the current redirect setting to ‘Yes’?

Another question is: Is such an update solely a certificate issue or also changes in Apache settings? The reason I am asking this is: After looking for things on internet search engines, I have revoked and then deleted existing certificates by using ‘certbot-auto delete’ command (a great way to screw up your system if have not already updated your Apache settings) and got into trouble. If updating of an certificate (if such a thing is possible at all) also has implications for Apache settings, I would appreciate any way of doing it correctly (with certbot command using Apache plugin or so).

Before writing this question, I have checked internet, including this site, I have found bits and pieces but could not be quite sure. For example certbot command has some qualifier --redirect but could not find any examples for updating an existing certificate. Hence here I am.

I appreciate your help!

My web server is Apache 2.4.10
The operating system my web server runs on: Debian v8.10
The version of my client is (certbot-auto --version gives): 1.3.10

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Hi @isoguci1

a certificate has nothing to do with redirects. These are different things.

Redirects - that’s only your server configuration. Check the documentation of your system and add redirect rules.

Or - may be - try

certbot --redirect

But I don’t know if that adds only a redirect. Don’t create a new certificate, you have one.

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Dear JuergenAuger,
Indeed updating the Apache vhost with some Rewrite statements has solved the issue.
I did not try the ‘certbot --redirect’ command, as indeed it is not clear wheter it would create a new certificate.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
Kind Regards.

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