How to set expiration date?



I’d like to know if it is possible to set the expiration date of a certificate. I just generated mine and it looks like it will expire in just 3 months.

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You cannot.


Thank you for the answer and the article. I’m the article I read about auto renewal. Is there a tool for that? Or I should just run the ssl generator maybe with a scheduled bash script? Thank you


There are many tools for that–in most cases, the tool you used to get the cert in the first place would handle renewal as well. How did you generate your cert?


You are spoiled for choice:

The most popular option is:


@danb35 I used certbot thanks.
@_az Thanks, I’ll look this up.


You can use certbot renew for renewal. Try it manually, perhaps with --dry-run as a test, and then add a cron job for it (without the --dry-run of course :stuck_out_tongue:)


Depending on your OS and how you installed Certbot, there may be a systemd timer or cron job already.

If you used manual mode (--manual without --manual-auth-hook) automatic renewal is not possible, though.


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