How to renew two certificates for two different domains in the same server

Hello to All
I have a personal server running Ubuntu 18.04 and Apache2, i have only one public IP but two domains in the same server.
First time a create one certificate for each domain separately, and now only one of these certificates auto renew. I have to renew the other certificate manually, renaming the file to and running certbot renew command i can renew mydomain1, but the other domain mydomain2 doesn’t renew because it’s file has the extension .old, so I had to remove the .old extension to be able to renew this domain.
Is there any way to renew both certificates without had to rename the files manually?
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There’s nothing special about this setup - Certbot and Let’s Encrypt can handle an unlimited number of domains and certificates on a single IP address.

I’m not sure why you started renaming files, but none of it should be necessary.

Starting from a zero state, all you would have to do is:

certbot --apache -d -d
certbot --apache -d -d

and Certbot would have done the rest for you.


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