How to install? Certbot + unix socket

OS: Ubuntu 6.10
Webserver: Nginx

Running a site via Django over a unix socket instead of webroot.

Ran certbot certonly but not sure how to set up without a webroot directory … can’t seem to find any specific documentation online!

You still effectively have a webroot directory for your nginx. so you should be able to use the webroot method perfectly well. Alternatively you could use the dns-01 challenge, in which case the validation is done completely via DNS records, not by placing a token on the server to verify ownership / control.

come on @obzidi4n1

cant seem to find any specific documentation:

in terms of challenges you can use DNS instead of HTTP based challenges (require for a folder to be present)

the standalone challenge will create a HTTP server for you however it will try to bind to port 443

command i run for DNS challenges

once certbot creates your certs you will need to tell django how to use them

i would actually test this more (it is an interesting problem) but AFK for the next 2 weeks :slight_smile:

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