How to get Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate?


I want to upload Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate at Sucuri. I need wilcard support.

How can I obtain these two information? Please guide me.

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Hi @gulshankumar,

You could use to get your certificate from Let’s Encrypt inside your web browser. Please note:

  • The certificate only lasts 90 days. Therefore it’s not necessarily a good fit for a hosting environment where you don’t have automated Let’s Encrypt integration or administrative access, because you’ll have to repeat this step frequently in order to avoid expiration of your certificate.

  • To obtain a wildcard certificate from Let’s Encrypt, you need to be able to create TXT records in your domain’s DNS zone. This is always a requirement for Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificates, regardless of how you obtain them (although some tools can help to automate this step, depending on your DNS provider).

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